Lemons are round like  eggs. It smells like . They feel bumpy and taste like L&P . When I drink lemon juice I feel refreshed. And it also feel like an golden golf ball and glowing like a glow of sunshine .


Going to the beach

On Saturday my family and I  went to the beach far away from my house. The sky was  bright and  blue and the sun was hot like an open oven. The sand was as white as snow, and the waves were rolling loudly. We set up our tent, mats, beach chairs and umbrella. I was very excited.

Then it was lunchtime. I enjoyed my favorite food, fish and chips and sipping  ice cold coke and sprite. It was so cool!!!! And refreshing!!!

Later we built sandcastles and played soccer with my brother.We laughed and joked and found some pretty seashells and made necklaces.

Soon the sun began to set. We sat down and licked orange and chocolate chip ice cream. It was so yummy.The sky looked like the ice cream orange and pink and the water twinkled like tiny diamonds.

Finally we went home.  This special day at the beach with my  whanāu was like a dream come true. It was fun and we made beautiful memories at the beach.



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